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The Holiday Season is all about helping others, remembering those we care about and giving gifts. It's also a great time to start a tradition of giving back. For some families that can mean volunteering in the community, others make or purchase needed items, and for some, it's a time to practice giving back through a financial gift to their community.

A donor-advised fund can be a great way to start a tradition of giving back to the community. Regular gifts can be made to your donor-advised fund, and then when you are ready, you can make a grant from your fund to charitable causes in our community.

Donor-advised funds are non-endowed funds that offer an active approach to philanthropy. Donor-advised funds are ideal for donors wanting to give to multiple organizations and programs throughout the year, and any time you wish.

Donor-advised funds provide a strong alternative to establishing a private family foundation. The minimum gift to open a DAF is $10,000.

Here's how they work:


Open your fund with a charitable contribution of $10,000 or more and qualify for an immediate tax deduction.

Contribute cash, securities, or complex assets, such as real estate and closely-held stock.

Add to your fund any time.


The Community Foundation will invest the fund in our investment pool.

  • Maximize your charitable dollars with our competitive investment performance.

  • Recommend an outside investment manager for funds valued at over $2.5 million.


You can request a grant from your fund to a charitable cause in the community that you want to help.

  • Support 501(c)(3) nonprofits of your choice anytime.

  • Access information about your fund and recommend grants 24 hours a day on our secure, online portal

  • Involve generations of family members in your giving if desired.

Annual Fees

Administrative fees support the foundation’s commitment to building our community. Fees are charged directly to our donors’ funds. We charge an annual support fee of 1% on our funds.

Investment management fees are assessed by the fund manager and fluctuate over time as market values change.

A donor-advised fund is a great way to give your way. Learn more by contacting the Community Foundation.

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