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We had a wonderful time gathering with friends of the Community Foundation to celebrate and tell stories of our early impact since launching just a few years ago.

More than 50 people attended the event hosted by Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa. A few of the highlights included stories from donors, nonprofits, and grant recipients.

Our Board Chairwoman, Bridgette Stocks kicked off the night talking about WHY she is involved. Including this little nugget...


Emily Nicolin talked about the impact the Community Foundation has had on the CTE Academy, and how easy it was to start a fund to support the CTE Academy that has now grown to over $400,000. Emily also said, "and seeing this impact for the CTE, inspired my husband and me to create a donor-advised fund" at the Community Foundation.

Cindy Foley shared the impact a $6000 grant from the Future Fund had in expanding the capacity of The Workshop to deliver more meals to people in need during the pandemic.


Maggie Handfelt stole the show by sharing her story. She was inspired by Sandra Zink, a teacher at Galena High School, and a recipient of the Sandra Zink Memorial Scholarship. Maggie explained how the scholarship helped her avoid working a 2nd job during the school year, allowing her to have some incredible experiences that are deepening her education and college experience. We all cried :)

Tim Vincent had some fun letting us all experience Virtual Reality using a set of 25 VR Headsets the schools were able to purchase thanks to a grant from the Youth Fund at the Community Foundation in partnership with the Galena Education Foundation.

What a night! If you'd like to learn more about the Foundation and how you can help support YOUR community, check out our Annual Report or visit our website at

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