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Impact Story: Donor WHY stories; Bridgette Stocks

When donors connect with the Community Foundation, we always ask them why they are interested in creating a fund, making a gift, or giving their time. As you might guess, the answers are as unique as each of the individuals. Yet, they also have common themes, they want to engage, give back, and have an impact in their community and want to work with local organizations to make that happen.

Here is a WHY story from a donor who is doing just that. Bridgette Stocks is the Board Chairwoman at the Community Foundation and as you might guess a strong supporter of our work, giving her time, talent, and treasure.

Here's what she had to say " I have always been inspired by the abundance and generosity of the people living in Jo Daviess County, and I feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful area that we all share. With the state of the world as it is, I feel that it is important now more than ever to protect, amplify, and hold up the things that make our region special for others to see. I'm very proud that our organization can do just that. The Community Foundation organization makes real impacts in our communities, things that you can see and feel the effects of immediately, and we can make actual dreams come true. That's my Why."

Thank you for all of your generous support Bridgette.

Learn more about how the Community Foundation can help you support your WHY. Contact us to set up a conversation.

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